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Comment by: Mishalle
Melissa, It was a pleasure talking with you. I'm looking forward to my first painting class.

Comment by: Melissa
Thank you !!! Nice to know that the murals I painted at Mather hospital are being enjoyed by the patients.... I wanted to present a calm pleasant scene for you to help you relax in what can be a very stressful environment. I hope it worked!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me... It means so much!
Comment by: Heather
I was in Mather Hospital last week and on the wall in my room was a magnificent depiction of a beach by you. I feel lucky, having been able to see it. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world!
Comment by: Lorraine Labate
Melissa,your art work is so beautiful,i love it.Thank you so much for encouragement and instruction!
Comment by: Patty Pugal
Melissa, your work is brilliant. You're an amazing art instructor. I love your class, your spunk and energy that is so contagious. Thank you for all you've taught me so far and I am looking forward to another great year.
Comment by: Adam Leskowicz
Very nice, indeed. You are meticulous in the details. Very stylistic, tending toward surreal. --Adam
Comment by: katie ford-mehrkens
beautiful pictures!!
Comment by: Joan Sicignano
Great work Melissa, enjoyed the meeting.
Comment by: Clarence F. Simpson
Melissa, Your work is excellent. I really really love your web-site. Please give me the site designer's name etc; Clarence
Comment by: Bob Wood
I really like your work. I'm looking forward to seeing some of it in person in a few weeks.
Comment by: Maggie Harrington
Well aren't you so talented. Kudos!
Comment by: Donna
Melissa, You work is beautiful! You are a true talent and inspiration.
Comment by: Mariana Martins
I'm excited for the show in Tabler next semester!!! Great work! :]
Comment by: Joan Tavolott
Hi! It was fun talking to you at the beach yesterday and discussing art. I am very impressed with your website. Your portraits of people and houses are excellent. I wish you lots of luck with your art. Don't forget to check out WetCanvas! Joan
Comment by: Therese Mackie
Very nice Melissa, great photo and art pictures.
Comment by: J-LO
Great Visit. Great Pix.
Comment by: Tom De Lade
Melissa, This is a great web site. Your artwork and photography is excellent. I never realized how talented you are. Keep up the good work. Tom
Comment by: Mike
I want it!

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